Jan 24

Over 1000+ Downloads of Core Rules

title_picAs of 1/23/2015 we have had over a 1000+ downloads of the Bio Syndrome RPG: Modern core rules! Please spread the word to your friends and make sure you download your copy today! ALSO< give us a good review on RPGNOW, too!


Download Here-> http://www.rpgnow.com/product/142737/Bio-Syndrome-RPG-Modern-Edition–Fight-the-Zombie-Hordes

Jan 20

The Bio Syndrome Core RPG Rules are on RPGNOW .com


Nov 16

11/14/2014 RPG Playtesting

We had a very good morning(11/15/2014) play testing Bio Syndrome RPG: Modern Edition. Once the player characters were finished creating their characters they began playing.
Our group of 4 adventurers were driving down a rural state route when they saw a sign ahead that said, “Millersburg 8 Miles Ahead”. Several miles from the town they ran ou11/14/2014 Playtestt of gas and were forced to walk. Our intrepid adventurers; Johnny Tower, Wade Marshall, Carlita Marshall, and Brock Conners decided to explore a nearby farmhouse close to where they ran out of gas. Outside the farmhouse was an abandoned police cruiser. While scavenging the police cruiser they got very very lucky and found a suit of tactical armor and a semi-automatic pistol(Using Carlita’s extra ability from her Survivor skillset to roll twice when scavenging structures and vehicles).

Next, they decided to enter the farm house. The screen door was closed but the main door was wide open. Inside they battled 9 walkers who fought them fiercely. Several of the walkers took multiple shots to take down.

When combat was over they found one female walker who was dressed in a police uniform. They found a set of keys on her. Not only did they find keys to the cruiser but they found one key on her chain that said in small letters, “Gun Armory”.

Each player got a chaIMG_1986nce to scavenge and roll randomly on the master scavenging chart, searching the structure for needed supplies and gear. Johnny Tower found nothing, Wade Marshall found some vitamins in a medicine cabinet, Brock Conners rolled very well and found a katana in a display case upstairs, and Carlita Marshall got lucky and found a sawed off shotgun.

Where will they go next? The thought of an untouched gun armory at a local police station sounds promising……

Nov 03

Kickstarter Update #23

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Oct 24

Mantic Games US Soldiers Pack – Great For Bio Syndrome Coalition Forces

Oct 22

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