Q: What is Bio Syndrome?

A: Bio Syndrome is a fan funded open source modular game system which is the creation of Paul Mutated Zombie doneMurphy. Bio Syndrome is both a war game and a role playing game (RPG) system. The project was originally all in one book, but due to project scope and creep it was decided to break Bio Syndrome into separate books for the war game and role playing game versions.

Q: Is Bio Syndrome really free?

A: Bio Syndrome was funded on March 29th, 2014 by a successful Kick Starter. The monies raised were used to commission artwork and a custom miniature for the game. The promise made to the community is to always keep the CORE RULES free.

Q: Can I make or publish my own games using the Bio Syndrome core rules?

A: At this time the creator Paul Murphy is reviewing an open gaming license to allow the community to use the core rules. The core rules can be referenced and used at no cost with the blessing of Paul Murphy BUT none of the artwork can be used for any commercial endeavors whatsoever. 

Q: How can I get involved with Bio Syndrome?

Bio Syndrome is the work of many members of the gaming community. Help us by playing the games! Give us feedback. Can a rule mechanic be made better?