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Jan 24

Over 1000+ Downloads of Core Rules


As of 1/23/2015 we have had over a 1000+ downloads of the Bio Syndrome RPG: Modern core rules! Please spread the word to your friends and make sure you download your copy today! ALSO< give us a good review on RPGNOW, too!   Download Here->–Fight-the-Zombie-Hordes

Jan 20

The Bio Syndrome Core RPG Rules are on RPGNOW .com–A-Zombie-Filled-Adventure

Nov 16

11/14/2014 RPG Playtesting

11/14/2014 Playtest

We had a very good morning(11/15/2014) play testing Bio Syndrome RPG: Modern Edition. Once the player characters were finished creating their characters they began playing. Our group of 4 adventurers were driving down a rural state route when they saw a sign ahead that said, “Millersburg 8 Miles Ahead”. Several miles from the town they ran …

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Nov 03

Kickstarter Update #23

Click below to read the latest Kickstaretr Update:

Oct 24

Mantic Games US Soldiers Pack – Great For Bio Syndrome Coalition Forces

Oct 22

Website Under Construction

This website is under construction. Please pardon our mess as we get it ready!