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Miniature Links:

  • Black Cat Bases: Lots of different Fantasy and Modern/SciFi Miniatures. 10 mm and 28mm. Website Link

  • Black Scorpion Miniatures: Very diverse lines of both fantasy and Sci Fi. Very good line of US Soldier miniatures, too. Website Link

  • CMON / Guillotine Games: Zombicide Game – The Zombicide game is one of the best resources out there for zombie and survivor minis. All of the minis are pre assembled. Website Link

  • Eureka Miniatures: Both Fantasy and SciFi Minis – Website Link

  • Hardwood Hobbies – Very neat small miniature company. The have some very unique modern minis that come in cool packs of 3(including a zombified version). Website Link

  • Mantic Games: Various lines of affordable fantasy and modern/sci fi minis. Great US Soldier and Civilian lines of miniatures in the Mars Attacks Line. Website Link

  • Perry Miniatures –  Very good fantasy miniatures – Website Link

  • Studio Miniatures – Excellent Line of Survivor and Zombie Miniatures – Website Link

  • Wargames Factory: Dark Futures Line – Great line of zombies and survivor miniatures. Very posable and the possibilities are endless for creating different minis from the sprues.

  • Westwind Miniatures: Lots of different lines of Modern/SciFi and Fantasy Miniatures. Really cool line of WW2 related minis. Website Link